4 Tips For A Successful Preschool Registration


A child’s learning and development start at home. Inside the four corners of their dwelling, they say their first word, take their first step and begin recognising letters, numbers, colours, and shapes. Their learning continues during their preschool education, where they attend academic classes in the form of stimulating activities. Their teachers mix lessons with games and visual or auditory materials that catch and hold attention.

If you plan to undergo preschool registration and sign your little one up for a learning programme, prepare yourself for a challenging experience—specifically if you are enrolling a child in an educational facility for the first time. You may feel overwhelmed and confused with the registration process, but you can overcome them by learning to prepare yourself for the enrollment procedure.

To help you with your kid’s preschool registration, here are four tips to keep in mind:

1. Learn About And Prepare The Registration Requirements

Like an infant care facility in Singapore, primary schools require parents to prepare a few documents before accepting their child into their academic centre. You may need to present your and your child’s identification files and other vital paperwork to help you get your child into your chosen primary education facility.

2. Inquire About The Fee Breakdown And Payment Plans

Before signing your kid up for a Montessori or bilingual kindergarten programme, ask your chosen facility about their tuition or enrollment fee breakdown. Doing so will help you see if their lessons are worth getting based on their price. Moreover, you should ask about an institution’s payment plans to see if they accept instalments or only admit kids with parents who complete their payments upfront.

3. Don’t Wait Until The Last Date Of Registration

Every preschool registration has a deadline. While it may be tempting to put off your child’s enrollment until the last day of the registration, do not sign them up for a programme at the last minute if you do not want to experience headache-causing mishaps.

4. Visit The Facility With Your Little One

Preschool is a primary school preparation step that equips kids with skills, traits, and knowledge that could benefit their future educational endeavours. However, signing up for preschool requires preparation—and visiting their future school is one of the best days to help them familiarise themselves with its surroundings.

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