5 Learning Tips That Can Help Your Mandarin Course


The thought of studying Mandarin can overwhelm a person. The writing system looks complicated, and the symbols are too confusing. The pronunciation also has four tones, which can be difficult for a non-native speaker. It can make someone back out from attending a Mandarin course in Singapore.

But wait, before you give up your dreams of being a Mandarin speaker, you must first try these tips to help you in your language learning journey. Keep yourself inspired and see your improvement day by day!

1. Watch Chinese Movies

It’s incredible how people imitate things they listen to and watch daily. Take, for example, the popularity of K-drama. Since many people watch Korean shows, many people know some basic phrases and get familiarised with the speaking tone. You can also do this when watching Chinese movies and dramas while attending a Chinese class in Singapore.

2. Join Learning Groups

With social media, you can reconnect with people with the same interests as you. You can join learning groups about study hacks to make your learning experience more fun. They may also inform you about events regarding Chinese culture where you can immerse yourself in the language. See, you can make your journey with a Mandarin language course in Singapore more immersive in the real world!

3. Talk With the Native Speakers

You can also download apps to talk with native speakers from China, Taiwan, or even Hong Kong. This way, you can learn slang, proper pronunciation, and study hacks for learning Chinese. You can even improve your networking skills by meeting other people as it can enhance your business Chinese for your career.

4. Let Yourself Make Mistakes

No, you don’t need to be fluent immediately and don’t force yourself to speak with perfect pronunciation. Making mistakes is okay because it’s your second or third language. Be easy on yourself because the important thing here is you’re enjoying your learning journey.

5. Attend Fun Classes 

Of course, you can self-study a language, but sometimes you need a teacher to guide you when making mistakes. For this reason, look for fun classes like a Chinese class in Singapore, where you can interact with your classmates. A teacher can also give constructive criticism to know what areas need improvement.

Additional language skills can open you to more opportunities in the future. You can also make more friends with people from all over the world! Undoubtedly, learning Chinese in Mandarin Plus will help you gain confidence for your career growth. 

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