5 Reasons To Learn Thai In Singapore


When deciding what second language you should master or learn, English and Chinese always appear as the top answers. With more than 7,000 languages around the world, is it not wise to limit yourself to these two languages when you can learn Thai in Singapore?

The Thai language is one of the SkillsFuture language courses offered in Singapore, and here are the reasons why you should enrol in one:

1. Travel easily

Thailand is home to countless world-class yet inexpensive tourist spots. It is easier to explore Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, the magnificent and tranquil beaches of Phuket, and learn the country’s culture and tradition with the temples of Chiang Mai if you know how to speak Thai.

According to Statista, Thailand was the top destination in South East Asia, with more than six million tourists in 2020.

2. Be unique

There are already a hundred thousand people scrambling to learn English, Chinese, French, Spanish, or German. If you want to be unique, start by attending a Thai class in Singapore. There are only about 50 million Thai speakers globally.

3. Retire in Thailand

Because of Thailand’s affordable cost of living, picturesque nature, and rich and flourishing culture, many people opt to retire in the country. When you finish your Chinese class in Singapore, try enrolling in a Thai class afterwards.

4. Increase business opportunities

People attend SkillsFuture in Chinese to increase their career and business opportunities. Thailand is always within the top five economies in Southeast Asia.

If you want to increase your business’s presence in Southeast Asia, try investing in Thailand.

5. It is easy to learn!

People think Thai is a complex language to learn. Thai grammar, script, and sounds are easy to understand.

Moreover, an online and offline Thai class in Singapore is always available!

Are you convinced to learn Thai in Singapore?

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