Automated Library: Everything You Need To Know About It


Libraries are an integral part of schools, colleges, and universities. The knowledge it holds has a great impact on the lives of every student. But, after completion of education, one might not step into a library anymore. Moreover, it can be time-consuming to go through all the shelves to find the right book. In today’s world of shorter attention span, very few people go to the library to find books. 

Here, comes technology. Technology can spice things up and make it easier for people. Then, why not for a library? 

What Is An Automated Library?

It is a resource planning and management system for a library. It is now much easier to track the available items in the library, or items owned or borrowed. The system effectively enlists the name of the patron who borrows the book and the date or time. Earlier, all these records were manually entered into a computer or a record book. However, this system has made the process quicker and fault-proof. It is also known as an integrated library system. 

What Are The Functions Of An Integrated Library System? 

The automated library has many functions besides keeping the records of the borrowed books. 

  • Variety Of Material: The system maintains all types of books, eBooks, journals, magazines, audio, and video discs.  
  • Systematic And Quick Cataloging: Manages the catalog of the library. Additionally, receives input and automatically generates output shortly and easily.  
  • Record Of Due Dates: Determines the due return date of a borrowed material and generates automatic reminder for the overdue and late fine 
  • Member Records: Keeps the detailed record of the library members and provides secure access. 

Where To Find And What To Look For Before Getting A Membership?  

The automated library can be found in schools, colleges, universities, and some public libraries as well. Many acclaimed libraries use automation in their system but some of them still believe traditionally.  

If You Want To Get A Membership, You Should Look For Some Of The Following Tips:  

  • First, take a look if the library offers the material that you need. Then go for membership.
  • Value for money and your budget-friendly. If you are a student, check if the library gives any student allowance. 
  • Ask if they have eBooks and facilities for members to access from their device.