Beginners Guide to writing a Winning Speech Essay


Words hold an important role in an individual’s life. If used properly, words can motivate, inspire, and help people to achieve heights in life. You must have heard the zestful speech of our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort on Independence Day and must have felt how it filled the heart of every youth with enthusiasm. You must have heard motivation speakers delivering speeches from various platforms to motivate people who have lost hope in life. Such is the power and value of a speech. In this blog, we will try to learn how to write a winning speech. Let’s begin

Understand your Audience

Before writing a speech you must have an idea of the occasion or the people. This will help you to understand the tone in which you have to write. Supposedly you are writing a speech for “Farewell in your school” so your speech must have valuable lessons for life and education. You must make the students remember that the education they had attained in school is not for a time being but will help them thoroughly in their life. Suppose you are writing “Independence Day Speech” so you must address the youth as well as the senior citizens of the country hence your speech must have valuable words for every individual.

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Key Points

If you do not have any valuable points to narrate in your speech nobody will bother to listen to it. People listen to speeches because they want to hear something new which they have not heard till now. Hence your speech must have a path and a destination. You must show a path to the audience and then conclude it with the destination. For example, if your speech is on the topic “How to reduce the usage of plastic” so you must not vaguely tell that do not use polythene for your daily household chores it is polluting the environment. Everyone knows this already. You should tell them that do not use polybags instead use paper bags or cloth bags so that the environment will remain protected and your daily life is also not disrupted.

Impactful opening

Your speech should have an impactful opening. Generally the speaker wastes time in addressing the crowd with salutations and admiring other people. This will bore the listeners and once they got distracted from your speech they will not listen to it even if you have very peculiar facts to deliver. Hence your opening should be impactful. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in his inaugural speech on 14 August 1947 started his speech with the line “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom”. This line enthuses the blood of every Indian who was waiting for freedom from a long time and thus this speech remains a historical remark for the entire Nation for centuries.

Convey Facts

You should prove your points with as many facts as you can because vaguely convening thoughts will merely dull the listeners. Nobody wants to hear a long persuasive speech without any facts or valuable information in it. For example, if you are writing a speech on “The impact of making paper on the environment” then you should point out the fact that it is estimated, to make 1 ton of paper 24 trees are cut down. Hence we should try to use the limit of paper as much as we can. This will leave an imprint on the mind of the reader/listeners. You should give valuable take away to the readers so that they feel they have learned something new with your speech.

What to avoid when writing an impressive speech

  • Do not use long and complex sentences. Use small sentences to convey your idea
  • Never put foul words in your speech
  • Do not include burden the speech with over philosophical thoughts
  • Always address the readers/listeners with ‘I’ or ‘we’ this creates a sense of belonging
  • Make a logical structure/sequence of speech. Do not randomly put ideas that are not coherent in manner.

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