Career Coaching In Singapore – 4 Things You Can Expect


When we were still in school, many looked forward to having a job. For us, working means being independent and earning money that we can use however we like. While these beliefs can be true, having a career can be stressful and overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a few ways to ease the pressure of our jobs, regain motivation and inspiration, or find a clear career path—and undergoing coaching and mentoring is one of those ways.

Career coaching in Singapore is a counselling service involving a coach and a professional from virtually any field. It uses one-on-one sessions to let the client discuss their work concerns with an expert willing to listen and help them work on themselves for their career improvement.

More and more Singapore residents have been signing up for career coaching and mentoring sessions. The popularity of these counselling services does not mean that the workforce is becoming weaker or intolerant—it signifies that many of us have become more considerate of ourselves and our work experiences.

If you plan on undergoing a few career coaching sessions soon, here are four things you can expect from such counselling services.

4 Things You Can Expect From Career Coaching In Singapore

1. Career Coaching Can Help You Understand Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Career counselling or coaching can allow you to learn about yourself—specifically the part of you involved in performing your job. It will help you understand your abilities and deficiencies and find a clear career path. It may even help you see if your expertise and character suit fields like cloud computing, machine learning, or women leadership development.

2. Career Coaching Can Help You Set Attainable Work Goals

Aside from helping you learn about your work self, coaching and mentoring can help you establish achievable work objectives based on your abilities and expertise. Some counsellors may also help you push yourself and attain things you never thought you could achieve.

3. Career Coaching Can Help You Find Work-Life Balance

Like some team coaching program sessions, one-on-one career counselling can help you juggle your life in and outside work. Experts providing these services can assist you in leaving your work self at the office and focusing on the people and activities you love.

4. Career Coaching Can Help You Explore Other Job Opportunities

If your current job position no longer satisfies or makes you happy, undergoing career coaching helps you learn about other work opportunities that better suit your skills and interests. They can even give tips on answering interview questions or making a resume.

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