Discover What Schools In Bicol Have To Offer – A Guide


Since the lockdown period and the start of the pandemic, schools in Bicol including UST-Legazpi, Bicol University, Sorsogon State College, etc. have closed the doors to their campuses. With this, they have adapted and implemented alternative learning methods. Shifting from face-to-face classes to online learning has been a major change but this has been administered to continue their legacy in providing quality education for students. Through flexible and asynchronous classes, teachers can send or upload modules, learning materials, video presentations, etc. which students can review anytime and anywhere. The best schools for business management in the Bicol area have made these adjustments so that their students can still learn while at the comfort of their own homes. This is one of the many things that schools in Bicol have to offer; read down below to know more.

  1. Course Offerings

Most schools in Bicol have course offerings that other regions—aside from the capital region—don’t offer. If you are into arts, design, animation, photography, etc. there are universities in the region that offer these courses. The new and uncommon courses are available for enrolment at the most prestigious universities in Bicol. Like the Bachelor of Science in Digital Illustration and Animation which is offered only in ADNU. If you would like to specialize in visual communication, the University of Sto. Tomas Legazpi is the only school with a College of Fine Arts Bicol area. This program explores the basic and advanced principles of multimedia arts.

  1. Accredited

Schools and universities have to uphold and maintain their legacy in providing quality education for students. Not only do they have to create and implement certain protocols or provide the required facilities for each program, but they also have to pass the criteria needed to be accredited by the organization for higher education. The best school in legazpi city have passed all the criteria needed to be an accredited school. Which proves and makes them the best schools to enroll in.

  1. Strive For Excellence

Their students are a reflection of the quality education they provide. The school’s focus is mainly on their student’s academic excellence from in and out of campus activities and competitions. Aiming to provide quality education that places their students at the top of board exam results, quiz show competitions, regional and national contests, etc. Like the UST-L, a Catholic higher educational institution devoted to the holistic formation of its students through academic excellence, moral formation, and emotional maturity.

  1. Scholarship

Not all students can afford the high price of enrolling in private and accredited schools. That’s why grants, and scholarships are offered to students that are determined and have excellent records, giving them a chance to enroll in their chosen program. These grants have terms and conditions that the students need to follow.

Final Word

The most excellent schools in Bicol have a lot more to offer for students and even teachers that aim to provide good quality education. A proven and tested school that produces board top-notchers like the UST-L. The UST admission is the only Dominican university in Bicol which has a commitment to academic excellence, moral formation, and emotional maturity. They have highly-esteemed faculty members and high-end facilities which enriches industry exposure of students. They uphold a holistic life for their students.