How Can Reword Tool Help You Prevent Plagiarism?


Rewording is an ideal means of avoiding plagiarism. Now that a simple rewording software may help you overcome plagiarism, things got easier, but before we go any further, let’s get familiar with the meaning of plagiarism to know what exactly we’re dealing with, here.

Plagiarism means the ability of a writer to include another person’s idea or words in his work, without referencing, or giving the original author the required credit.

Whether you’re writing an academic, a research paper, a sales letter, blog post or any other form of writing, trust me, you don’t want to indulge yourself in the act of plagiarism.

There are many consequences or penalties over copying someone else’s work. You might also call it a copyright infringement action because that’s what it is.

However, there are basically three ways you can avoid any issue of plagiarism. You might either consider summarizing the entire piece, quote/reference, or better still, consider paraphrasing.

Whether you’re a regular writer or you seldomly write, chances are that you might find someone’s idea which looks appealing to you, because of that, include that idea in your write-up. To do this perfectly, you need to reword in your own words.

Although you’re writing in your own words, it is expected that you should cite the original text source or author.

However, rephasing alone has the power of flushing away plagiarism, but you might still wonder; How can rewording prevent plagiarism? Well, let’s get the answer down.

Earlier in this article, we’ve learned the meaning of plagiarism, so this is the right spot where we can use what we’ve learned to better understand how this technique will help solve plagiarism in your content. So, let’s learn how it works.

Paraphrasing is the act of writing by using someone’s idea but using your own words. The moment you deviate from the former meaning of the source, then you are no more paraphrasing. Therefore, a paraphrase needs to share a similar message or meaning with the original write-up.

Rewriting content can be really a challenging task, so, to prevent yourself from plagiarizing, you need to rewrite in the right way.

It is also important to note that plagiarism is rated in terms of percentage, so the more the similarity between your work and the original text, the higher the percentage. Big deal, right?

Thankfully, plagiarism is so easy to be avoided, especially when considering the fact that there are available software or tools now, designed to help writers in rewording an original text that’s free from plagiarism. Artificial intelligence has also come to add more meaning when it comes to the quality of the write-ups provided by those tools.

How to Reword Your Text in Simple English

Rewording using a software or tools can be as easy as reading ABC. To get your job done, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use a reliable reword sentences tool.

Step 2: Paste the original text into the provided text box and click on the “proceed” button.

Step 3: Afterwards, you’ll be provided with new content, unique and different in wording from the original, although the same meaning. Try reading or use a plagiarism checker of your choice to see the difference.

Step 4: Give credit to the source.

Using these tools to generate your articles is very easy, fast, and convenient. Although, the result might not be as you wish. So, you might need to manually edit your work to match your preference. However, you can also paraphrase, manually. Let’s see how.

Step 1: Start by reading the piece to understand the message there. You might also consider jotting down some key points from there.

Step 2:  Write in your own words, without having to peep from the source because if you do, then you’re risking to be spinning the text which is also another form of plagiarism.

Step 3: Now, compare the two, and make the required corrections to maintain the message of the original.

Step 4: Give credit to the source or author.


Paraphrasing is very vital, we can’t do without it, and if we do it the right way, then we’ll have no problem using other people’s ideas in our own works too.