How To Take Good Care of Your Child’s Wooden Toys?


Wooden toys when compared to the plastic ones available in the market are much more of a reliable option. The motivation behind going for cube wood blocks (บล็อคไม้ลูกบาศก์, which is the term in Thai) would how sustainable and environmentally friendly they are, and safe for your children too. Quality wooden toys surely can last more than a lifetime, but taking care of them is crucial too.

Wooden toys most of the times are made of good quality timber, a great benefit as it would decay with time. Unlike plastics which will not decompose even after years and years, timber will. And, here are steps that will help you take care of your wooden toys.

Timber Preservation

Timber preservation helps in keeping your timber in good condition. Natural forces could either cause the wood to dry rot or wet rot. From heat or cold will be enough in drying out the wood and therefore allow the wood to crack or blister. The main aim of timber preservation would be to keep the natural oils present inside the cellular structure intact so that wooden shape sorter (หยอดบล็อคไม้, term in Thai) does not dry out.

Using Beeswax

Beeswax butter is the best option when it comes to protecting your wooden toy in the long run. The resin that is present in beeswax acts as a barrier for the wooden toy and also as a sealant and the natural oils are known to keep the wood looking its best.

When your toys look dull, this is the best option that any parent could opt for. All-natural beeswax butter is available online or you could buy them from stores. But make sure you buy one that will offer safety to your kids as kids can put anything in their mouth, even cube woodblocks.

What Should You Avoid At All Cost?

Wooden toys should never be kept in the sun or left outside in high temperatures. It could hamper the longevity of the wooden shape sorter. The best way to preserve your wooden toys would be by following the above-mentioned tips and keeping them in controlled temperatures.

Also, try not to clean your toys by submerging them in water. This could cause them to rot faster and developing mildew inside the structure of your wooden toy. Also, water could make the wooden pieces swell. Therefore, the puzzle pieces might not fit perfectly anymore or the wheels do not work anymore.

You can easily use damp cloths to clean the wooden toys and keep all kinds of abrasive washing detergent away from the toys. By doing this you would be able to maintain the longevity of your toys and keep them safe for the next generation as well.