Reasons You Need an Interactive Campus Map

Reasons You Need an Interactive Campus Map

The popular trend of digital maps has been to become more interactive. Interactive campus maps are the same; only they have a much larger user base – students! There is no better way to promote your college or university than with a modern and feature-rich online map. Don’t believe it? Then read on for in this article, we will mention reasons why you need an interactive campus map.

1.     They are trendy

Over the past few years, interactive campus maps have been developed to take full advantage of all the new technologies available for use in today’s classrooms. As a result, they are perfect for projecting on your wall or screen during lectures. Also, they enable students to explore areas around campus that might not be covered by a traditional map, which can promote student discovery and increased foot traffic to local establishments.

2.     Helps with internal audiences

An interactive campus map facilitates events and meetings, allowing users to plan in advance. New students can easily find their way around the school before their first day of class. Returning students can also see how they’ve changed venues in time for their next reunion, giving them a chance to catch up on all the latest news. Faculty can also see how the campus has changed over time.

3.     Admission process

Interactive campus maps can serve as a powerful marketing tool. First-time visitors to your college website will have an opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with the property during their initial visit. Once they’ve learned about how wonderful your property is, they might even be encouraged to apply for admission!

4.     Tour planning

Sometimes, it’s not enough to show people around your property – you have to give them a sense of what they can do once they get there! With an interactive campus map, you can provide all the information users need in order to make an informed decision. You can even allow users to schedule tours on-site by using a link to your college’s calendar.

5.     Easily updateable for real-time information

Updating a campus map is easier than ever with an interactive map. Because the geographic elements are so easily customizable, you can add new booths at local fairs or change store hours when they have a special event going on. You can even change the school colors from green to red if your school is competing against another team on a national stage.

6.     Allows for greater storytelling capabilities

An interactive map allows you to tell all sorts of stories about your property, many of which will eventually make their way onto social media. Once users visit your college website and see that your campus map is interactive, they’ll be more likely to retweet your message.

7.     Powerful learning tools

Virtual college tour with Interactive campus maps helps students learn by engaging them with the material presented in class, creating interest, and increasing learning comprehension. Interactive maps allow students to be more than just onlookers by enabling them to point out places they have been, places they would like to go, and things they find interesting.

Campus maps should be interactive and make it easy for students to navigate. You can create an interactive map with Google Maps, which allows you to add different layers like biking paths or bus routes. This way, your campus will feel more welcoming and navigable for all of your students!