The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children


The outdoors has a positive effect on child development and their overall wellbeing. They are reported to feel happier within themselves and develop key thinking skills such as problem solving as they experiment and explore their surroundings. Schools regarded as “forest schools” appreciate this and pride themselves on the range of outdoor learning opportunities that they provide. A private girls’ school in Hertfordshire shares more on the benefits of outdoor education for children below.

A Positive Frame of Mind

As touched on earlier, time outdoors can do wonders for a child’s mental health. It’s refreshing and can help children to feel less anxious. According to research, it’s the colour green that helps with this as it promotes the release of “feel good” hormones. 

Improved Physical Health

There are physical benefits too. Having the space to do whatever they wish to freely outdoors gives children the opportunity to exercise and be more active. They can also develop their gross motor skills (physical strength) as they can physically exert themselves by climbing, running and more.

The Natural World

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, children are losing touch with nature. Having exposure at a young age can help children to understand the reasons behind protecting it and be a part of the movement too.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is a necessary skill for children to learn and practice. Regardless of the situation that they find themselves in, they can help them to think of creative and logical solutions. Outdoor learning presents many opportunities for children to do this as the activities involve exploring and experimentation.

Classroom Dynamics

Children have the opportunity to work with others and their teachers which helps to improve classroom dynamics. In turn, children can develop stronger relationships, feel more comfortable in class and be confident at presenting their ideas.