The Ultimate List of Essential Online Teaching Methods


Technology has brought about a lot of changes in different fields. One of the fields that have experienced rapid change is the education field. Today, traditional teaching methods have changed, and more people can now learn without showing up in a physical class. Thanks to online teaching, technology has changed how teachers deliver lessons and how the students receive them. Even though some of the traditional teaching methods are also applicable in online teaching, some changes make online teaching more effective. The following is an ultimate list of essential online teaching methods you can try as an online teacher.

Graphical Presentations

This is a common technique of online teaching that almost resembles a physical class. Through visual learning, the method significantly impacts how the students capture the information. The great thing about using graphical presentation is incorporating videos, images, and GIFs. This way, it is easy to engage visual learners and make it easy for everyone to understand intricate details. Furthermore, graphical presentations make lessons engaging. It is even better since you can share them with your student after the lesson.

Live Classes

Real-time communication through live classes is an essential online teaching technique. Even if you are not present physically, you get to engage your students in a live moment. You are not only able to check how your students are taking the classes, but you can also assess how they are progressing. A live session lets you know how the students feel about the lessons. However, to make a live lesson work, you must prepare in advance. Make sure you also keep the students engaged by asking them questions. If you want your lessons to be engaging, don’t make them too long.

Group Discussions

One problem with virtual classes is that they can isolate some students. However, teachers have found a way of engaging every student. This has been successful through group discussions. Healthy group discussions keep everyone involved and contributing to the lesson. In addition to enhancing the process of learning, group discussions encourage socializing.

Flipped Classroom

This is another online teaching technique that has proved to be effective. 9 or 10 teachers have realized that flipped classrooms effectively engage students. In this method, students are expected to review the learning materials before the class begins. Therefore, the classes become more interactive when students already understand what they are learning. You can implement the lessons through debates, discussions, quizzes, and exercises. Provide the materials in advance to help your students go through them.

Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboard is another form of online teaching that has grown in popularity. It also resembles a physical class. An online whiteboard allows you to create charts, diagrams, templates, sketches, images, and more. Written details are easier to pass across and capture than speaking them. Furthermore, there is a chance that students may miss or misunderstand some details in vocal lectures. Virtual whiteboards allow you to give and review assignments, brainstorm lessons and use interactive presentations, quizzes, and discussions.


These are just five of the numerous methods of online teaching. All work differently and have unique ways of engaging the students. We hope these methods will allow you to explore new things and make your teaching more effective.