Top Tips for Teaching Your Child a New Language


Being able to speak in another language is not only impressive but it can help your child to access greater opportunities. Learning one can be difficult but is not impossible with these 5 tips that we have below from an independent school in Cambridgeshire

Get Involved

If your child’s trying to learn a new language, making it a family effort can help motivate them and help them along the way as you will be able to aid them using what you have learned. 

Language Challenge

If you do decide to be a part of the journey, you can compete in language challenges where you as a family must only speak in the decided language for a set period of time. That might be a day or even a week but depending on that, you should see your child’s vocabulary and overall fluency improve.

Create Cards

Flash cards are fun. They can help children to learn whilst playing games like snap and others. You can create card games together using English words that they would like to learn the foreign equivalent to by writing them on the reverse with corresponding images. 

Speak in Your Own Language

If you’re bi-lingual, you have the ability to teach your child a new language by yourself. You’re the best person for the job as you know both and can teach them by simply speaking it more often in the home.

A Tutor

If, however this isn’t an option, you can always look for a tutor that specialises in teaching children additional languages. They will be able to teach them how to use things such as tenses and pronounce words correctly.

TV Shows

TV shows are also good, although they involve working things out for yourself. As your child follows different story lines and observes the body language that they can see, they can develop an understanding of different words and become more fluent.